“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Carl Sagan, Cosmos.

Well, i can’t think of a better quote to not just introduce myself but what this blog is gonna be about, because I’m creating it as the words come out of my mind, which doesn’t mean exactly they weren’t dwelling for a long time deep inside.

I am Héctor and we are here because of Informatics and Technology, actually this blog is no about technology, it rather attempts to remind some ideas and approaches that have been lost somewhere in the way of getting to this point of vastness of technologies and frameworks we are in now.

I am graduated of Software Analysis but I’ve been working as Software Developer most of my professional career. There are differences between Software Engineering and Software Development, this is something arguable but, in my humble estimation, at least in attitude and standpoints there are tangible differences to it and that’s something that i’d love to dig into as we thrive in this Blog.

This is just an introductory post so I’m just glancing the ideas that i will be talking about later on… the shape comes later in further chapters/posts.

I must say that I’m just an enthusiast of technology and computers, i’m not an expert nor anything close to it, in fact most of the ideas that i will share here are actually questionings and inquiries that iv’e made myself as a result of dealing with a set of situations in Software Engineering on a daily basis.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is tetris-1.jpeg

I wanted to share this silly image with you because to me, software creation is like Tetris, it’s the art of building blocks and connecting them to fit the best you can. By other hand, the are no identical Tetris games, it’s always different, the same happens when building software, there are countless of ways of building a software, and unlike Tetris there are bad ways of doing it and also more appropriated.

I’d like to talk about both, bad practices and good practices, because in absence of darkness there is no candle that can show its brightness, if we want to lead ourselves to goodness we must know the evilness first hence the order of concepts. There’s a lot to sew on such a grounds.

Consultancy is what iv’e been doing for the last 3 years, and almost 8 combined ever since i put my ass out there in the market… and in my own bones i must tell that sometimes(more the most than the least) bad practices find a good shelter in consultancy business, it’s been a long way to grow to come to this point of getting the insight: Good software is not just about doing things the right way but questioning yourself about what really matters when writing code:

Spotting what changes from what remains the same

I think that’s the key to good coding. I must admit that this idea has been spinning around my head for quite a long but the words are taken from an amazing blog that I stumbled upon few months ago and, in a way, was the fuel I was needing to put my butt on the chair and start writing.