• A Hexagonal Design Memo
    Hexagonal Architecture Also known as Port and Adapters, this design pattern is sort of a mindset applied to Software modeling […]
  • Implementation grounds, an untold story
    Fairies do not exist, that’s a fact. But fairy tales are other meat, they bring a fantasy into reality fleshed […]
  • A walk around the backyard
    I am Héctor and we are here because of Informatics and Technology, walk along with me on this journey.
  • Of APIs and Interpreters
    There is a simple concept that’s been around long enough as fallen behind in our most basic programmer-memory, something that […]
  • A technical debt memo
    This is sort of a forgotten concept I came across some years ago when involved in an inherited project as […]
  • A Big Ball of Mud Dissection
    This is not a pattern but rather an anti-pattern, actually I’d say it’s The Anti-pattern, which does not mean that, […]
  • Design by Contract
    This is not a pattern itself but rather a philosophical stand point. How many times have we seen ourselves running […]
  • Design Principles vs Design Patterns
    Building software is not a plug&play business as more than one might think, especially given the current circumstances of a […]